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Can we help you keep your Boxer?

If you are thinking of finding another home for your Boxer please read this page & visit this link 

BOCAR. is a not-for-profit organization that assists displaced Boxer dogs in finding new homes. But that is not all we do. BOCAR considers educating the public about the Boxer breed, to be just as important. We have reading material available and resources to help Boxers in danger of losing their homes. Our goal is to keep as many Boxers as we can, out of rescue and shelters and in the loving arms of their families.


Do you really have to give up your dog?

There’s a big difference between being forced to give up your dog and wanting to “get rid of him”. Most people who are considering giving up their boxer erroneously think they would be doing their Boxer a huge favor by finding him a home that “has more time or space for him.” In actuality, many of these dogs are better off remaining in the home they know and love. Of course this applies to dogs that are being properly cared for and whose basic needs are consistently met.

Some common reasons why people decide to give up their dog:

New baby in the family?


How lucky for you that Boxers are fantastic family dogs! Don’t be turned off by their size – boxers are a gentle breed that is great with children. But like any dog breed, they should be trained appropriately to make sure neither the dog nor child is harmed accidently. Parents should teach the dog and the child acceptable limits of behavior in order to make their interactions pleasant and safe. If those steps are taken then living with a dog can be a beneficial and wonderful experience for your children. Dogs can enhance children’s self-esteem, teach them responsibility and help them to learn empathy.


Don’t give up on your dog, because you think you will have “no time for him” after the baby arrives. Your dog will be FAR better off, staying in his home, with the family he knows and loves, even if it means he does not get as much attention! People underestimate their dogs–they are very resilient, and can adapt to a change in schedule. Some resources for living with dogs & kids:


Baby Prep 

Kids & Dogs




There are plenty of apartments, townhouses, condos and homes that accept medium and large breeds of dog. Many places will even allow you to spread payment of your pet deposit over multiple months as part of your rent.  Here are some resources for renters with pets:

People with Pets

HSUS Renting With Pets 

Think you don’t have enough time for your dog?

Many people say they don’t have time for their Boxer. In a perfect world all Boxers would have families that were around 24/7 but that is unrealistic. A dog does not have the same sense of time that humans do. Many people think it’s cruel for a dog to stay home alone while they go to work. Provided the dog has access to a place to eliminate when necessary and always has fresh water they are mostly content to stay at home and await your company.

Most dogs require just short periods of one-on-one time with his master per day, to be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted! For some days these needs could be met by simply laying in bed at night watching TV. together, and playing ball in the backyard for 15-30 minutes. Other days a walk before work and a walk in the evening can be enough. For more active dogs you can hire a dog walker or consider doggie day care (check our links page for referrals).


Are there behavioral issues?

Have you spayed or neutered your Boxer? This simple, cost effective procedure can make a world of difference in how your Boxer acts. Un-sterilized animals are driven by the urge to mate and will escape, can be aggressive and often act irrationally. Not only will sterilizing your pet make them a happier, calmer pet it will improve their overall health and lifespan. Please spay or neuter your Boxer.

If cost is a concern The Golden State Humane Society offers low cost spay & neuter.

Have you consulted a trainer? Many problems that cause an owner to want to surrender their Boxer are easy fixes when a professional is consulted. A good trainer will train both you and your dog. You may be surprised to learn that the owner needs to be trained more than the dog. When you are communicating clearly with your pet on exactly what you want them to do – or not do – life becomes less of a struggle. Every problem has a solution if you get the proper help needed to solve that problem.

How about Exercise? A tired dog is a happy, relaxed well behaved dog.  Many issues you may be experiencing could be the result of a frustrated dog.  Proper exercise provides not only physical but mental release for your Boxer and can make a world of difference when it comes to his behavior. Don’t depend on your dog to exercise himself in the back yard. Dogs crave outside stimulation. A walk or run is great exercise for both mind & body.

Have you considered a crate? One of the most common situations that can create problematic dogs is too much freedom. A dog without structure, rules or discipline is not just spoiled; they can become possessive, aggressive and feel the need to control the home as the owners are not. A crate is an excellent tool as it limits the dog’s ability to control things like the front door, where they eliminate, how they interact with strangers and so many other things that can be a problem you feel is unsolvable. A crate is not punishment but a learning tool for your Boxer to become a better family member.

If you still believe you need to re-home your Boxer please choose wisely. Your dog only has you to depend on. Please do what’s right for him.

The reality of shelters & rescues

At city & county shelters stray pets must be kept several days for their owners to reclaim them. They may not be destroyed until that period is up. These laws don’t protect dogs that have been given up by their owners. If you relinquish your dog to a shelter he can be euthanized (put to sleep) the same day he arrives. Shelters don’t want to euthanize all these animals but they don’t have a choice. There just isn’t enough room for all of them.

If your dog is old, large in size, has health problems, has poor attitudes toward strangers or is fearful, its chances of adoption are slim to none. Being pure bred does not help the dog’s chances.

True “no-kill” shelters are few and far between and are often very selective about the dogs they bring in.

Rescues – breed-specific / all-breed groups are usually small groups of volunteers using their homes to foster dogs until they can find new homes. Usually they are at capacity or they have other dogs already on waiting lists.

The dangers of “Free to a good home”:

If you choose to forgo working with a rescue and decide to independently find your dog a new home via placing an ad in a newspaper (or other publication), via craigslist or other similar means PLEASE be aware of the risks. Many unscrupulous people answer these ads and you can easily be fooled by these professional con-artists. Offering your dog “free to a good home” can allow him to end up in the hands of an animal hoarder, being sold for animal research, or used as a bait dog in fighting rings. Of course not everyone who answers these ads have bad intentions so we suggest you do your do diligence and screen all potential adopters thoroughly. We recommend that you visit their home, (this is a must! If the adopter will not allow you inside their home then RUN!), contact personal references (their vet is a great place to start), and charge a small fee (people value what they pay for).

Is your Boxer terminally ill?

Often we come across very sick boxers that have been surrendered to a shelter. Please do not take a terminally ill dog to a kill shelter. Often the dogs are not put to sleep for several days (if they are turned in as a stray the shelter is required to keep them for a period of 5days or more for an owner to reclaim them). This is a miserable situation for a sick animal to be in. They are often extremely frightened, outside in the elements, and have little contact with humans. Is this the way you would want to spend your final days? Please keep in mind that our pets do have feelings. They experience, pain, mourning, sadness, stress, etc just as we do. If you cannot afford to euthanize your dog please contact your vet and ask for referrals to a low cost clinic, or inquire about a payment plan. Most veterinarians will have some advice to offer. No one wants to see an animal suffer. If you must take your terminally ill pet to a shelter please be honest about what you know, give as much information about his health history as possible; including the recent diagnoses. Do not say you found him “as a stray”. Please remember your pet only has you to depend on. It is our hope that every pet will pass peacefully, with dignity, and in the loving arms of their family.

Now you can make an informed decision:

We hope that we have provided you with enough helpful information to make a decision that is right for you and your Boxer. We understand there are some unexpected circumstances that makes keeping your boxer impossible. If you feel that surrendering your Boxer is your only option then please read our surrender  page to see if we can help give your dog a second chance.

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