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Help An Orphaned Boxer!

BOCAR is always in need of quality foster homes, willing to open their door and hearts to the many boxers needing rescue in Orange County. BOCAR will provide everything you need to foster. We provide all veterinary care, and will provide food, crate, collars and leashes, and dog bowls if needed.

Foster Families are what makes our rescue possible. We strongly believe that an animal deserves a better life than being confined day in and day out while waiting to find a permanent home. By having family interaction in a loving foster home they are receiving therapy in action. We need your help molding these beautiful animals into the perfect pet and just by hosting them you would be starting that process!

What are the Requirements for Fostering?

A foster home must meet the same requirements as an adoptive home.  A potential foster parent/family must submit a foster application (it’s the same as our adoption application just indicate “foster” in the comments/ questions section of the application). We will contact your references and do a home check. All other animals in the home must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations. 

What are My Responsibilities as a Foster Parent?

Foster parents are asked to:

  • Provide regular day-to-day care (feeding, grooming, exercise)
  • Provide food & treats (this is optional the rescue can provide food if needed)
  • Care for the dog in a manner that is consistent with how you care for your own animals. At the same time, foster parents usually need to provide additional guidelines and training for the foster dog, who might to have had NO training previously.
  • Adhere to the principles of positive reinforcement training.  We believe in treating dogs with kindness and respect.
  • Do some driving from time to time (picking up dogs, taking dogs to vet appointments, new homes, etc.)

Fostering a Boxer may seem like a formidable task, but it is a very tangible way to make a difference. Everyone benefits: The foster volunteer gets to spend time with a special dog. The foster dog gets a second chance at becoming a cherished pet. The new owners get a dog that is better adapted to home life, and therefore has a better chance of remaining in the new home permanently. If interested please fill out an application and indicate “foster” in the comments/ questions section. We look forward to hearing from you!



Bocar Foster Dad Dave & His Foster Boxer Rocky!

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