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Remembering some of the loving Boxers waiting at the bridge: 


Remembering Zach:


I lost my boy Tuesday May 11th, 2010. It’s so hard for me and my family because it was so unexpected. My father had Zach first but because of his health issues he had to return Zach to the rescue. That was very hard for my father. I found Zach and asked if I could have him because, you see, he was already family. Zach and I were very happy to see each other and I told my dad he could have sleepovers. When Zach and my Dad would see each other you could see how much they missed each other. When I brought Zach to my home he had a new Brother & Sister that were very vocal Pomeranians. It took some time for them to get along but when they did OMG it was so funny to see this big boxer gallop and play with these little poms. It was a sight to see! His brother & sister miss him very much. Zach always knew when it was dinner, he would bark at 5pm on the nose. Zach was my shadow, he would follow me around the house and if he didn’t see me he would whimper, all I’d have to say is “mommy is over here” and he would come and be happy. If any body said “scobby snacks” he would run to his snack bowl and that nubber would go crazy! I was very surprised when I realized Zach could open doors! You could do anything to Zach, he didn’t care he just wanted to be loved. My boy was so sweet, he would look at you with these soulful eyes and I miss him so. I miss his snoring. I can’t sleep; my husband says he will snore for me but it’s not the same. Mommy loves you Zach. I would like to thank the boxer rescue for letting me have him he has brought so much joy and love into my family, and thank you Dad for making a donation in Zach’s name.


Tribute – Maggie (aka Whiskey) 8/5/2007- 11/25/2007


The BOCAR family lost a very special member. Maggie came to BOCAR in early October 07 as a cute as can be 9 week old puppy. She was rescued from a bad situation where she was living outside and was in danger of being used only for breeding. While she was waiting to be placed in her forever home she was fostered and loved by volunteers Elaine & Dave who called her “Whiskey”.  During her stay with her foster family Whiskey was a joyful puppy. She had the biggest wiggle butt we have ever seen! And she loved to play and run with her Foster siblings. Simply put, she was a delight to foster and made us laugh everyday! In November she was adopted by the Erceg family, who named her Maggie. It was hard for her foster family to say goodbye but all of us at BOCAR knew the Erceg Family would love her with all their hearts too. Joanne Erceg wrote that “from day one, Maggie showed her feisty personality and her intelligence. Within the first hour she was home, she showed that she knew sit and when I brought out the treats and said “sit”; she sat down right next to our other Boxer, Sonny, immediately. We were tickled pink. I presented her with the first of several new toys, a stuffed pink poodle, which became her favorite. I set up a soft crate next to Sonny’s bed that became her den. She would hide her pink poodle in it. Over the next few days, Maggie got to know both Sonny and Deebo, the cat. She wanted to chase Deebo. By the end of the first week, she was trying to get him to chase her!  She always wanted to wrestle Sonny, who weighs 92 lbs and towered over her. He let her climb all over him, bite his tail and chew his face. They became best friends! She was so smart! She would come when I called her. She showed remarkable agility potential. But she had her sweet side too, always wanting to cuddle, and spent a fair amount of time with us on the couch. She was always curious and getting under foot, so we put bell on her collar so we could always hear where she was.

On the 10th day after we got her, she had her vet appointment for shots and de-worming. A few hours later, she ended up in ICU fighting for her life with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. The next four days were a terrible rollercoaster ride, and while it did look very hopeful for awhile, her condition declined again, and she gave up the fight on Sunday November 25th 2007 at 2:25AM. We were with her.The 10 days we had with her, 7×24. She was such a joy, such a crack-up and such a sweet girl, all of us grew to love her so fast.”

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Remembering Niko:


Remembering Max:


Jan 28, 2005 – March 30, 2008

Our precious Max passed away on Sunday, 3/30/08.  It is amazing how much happiness and love Max brought into our lives, it is immeasurable.  We would like to share just how special our baby was to us and to his boxer brother, Barron. We originally adopted Max because we wanted Barron to have a playmate but he became so much more, we never thought we could love another dog as much as we love Barron but we did. Max and Barron were soul mates; these two were so cute with each other we could watch them for hours. When they played together they would play games such as hide and seek, tug of war with their favorite toys and our favorite was when they would talk to each other while wrestling. Max loved to wake up early in the morning with Mom, he was never less than two steps behind her, he was her shadow and she loved it. Every morning mom always told Max, “you are never going anywhere, this is your home forever,” we wanted to reassure him we were his stable environment because he had separation anxiety when he first arrived. Our dogs sleep in our bed, they are supposed to stay on top of the covers, but Max was smart, he would always nuzzle the covers down so he could sleep on the soft sheets with Mom and Dad.  Speaking of smart, Max could open doors, although we have a doggy door, Max preferred to enter through the people door.  Friends didn’t believe us until they saw it for themselves. One of Max’s favorite pastimes was going for walks, as soon as we said, “Do you want to go for a walk?”, Max immediately did a couple of pouncing circles and sat down so we could put his leash on. To be honest, there wasn’t much Max didn’t get excited over, he loved everybody, anyone that entered our home was greeted with kisses and a wagging tail, even when we prepared his food he would do circles with excitement and when it came to treat time, he never grabbed out of our hands, he always sat and waited patiently until we gave it to him. Max made us laugh, just a couple weeks ago, we took Max and Barron camping, upon returning Max was given a shower, as soon as we finished toweling him off, he must of done 20 laps around the house, knocking off every pillow on our couches and when he was finally done, he jumped into our bed, pushed down the covers and gave us a look like, “I don’t really like showers so don’t do that again”. 

Our hearts are absolutely broken; everything reminds us of Max, just seeing doggy hair on the bathroom floor where he sat until we got out of the shower is hurtful. We know that with time our pain will lessen, but we will never forget our “love bug”, we feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be Max’s family, he fulfilled our lives more than we could have hoped for. Barron misses his brother, he sometimes sits by the window waiting for him to come home; we as a family have a lot of healing to do because Max was a huge part of our lives that we must now adjust to not having.

If we could offer any advice it would be to have border training, although Max and Barron listened to us and would not run off, they did not always listen to others. Max was hit by a car and that ended his life. We write this with tears, it is the absolute worst feeling to see your dog hurt and have him die in your arms. We would not wish this experience on our worst enemy. However, we believe that God makes things happen for a reason and this has become a life lesson. It is a hard one, but we will NEVER allow this to happen again. We love our dogs as much as people and they deserve the same protection as a child. 

Max- there is not a second we don’t think about you; miss you and thank you for the pure joy you brought into our lives.  Words cannot describe how much we love you; you are one of a kind and will forever be in our hearts.

Love you, Mom, Dad and Barron

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