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Our favorite part of rescue is the Happy Ending…here are just a few of them!



adopted 12/30/2012





Hi Brenda,

I just wanted to update you on Kodi (now Bentley).  He is doing great.  My fiancé and I can not thank you enough for giving us such a loving dog.  He starts his first day of obedience school next Sunday at Sirius k9.  Thanks again for the referral!  I already went to the 4 hour orientation and can tell he is already behaving much better than the rest in his class.  My ultimate goal is to get him into agility and also get him certified as a therapy dog.  He had a big text last week when my fiancé and I went to Mammoth for a ski trip.  He stayed at my parent’s 4000 square foot house in Corona with a yellow lab and golden retriever.  My parents absolutely spoil their dogs to death and Bentley was no exception.  My mom said “what happens at grandmas stays at grandmas”.  Anyways, he got along great with my parent’s 14 year old yellow lab and 9 year old golden retriever.  My parents even left him out during the 5 hour period that no one is home during the work week and he did great.  I still can not trust him enough to let him out of the crate while I am at work but I hope to some day.  He enjoys his daily outings in the lot across from my condo, bi-weekly trips to the dog park, and joins me on Mondays and Tuesdays at my softball games.  He loves to swim both at my parent pool and at the beach! 

The only issues I am dealing with is a sensitive tummy from time to time and red eyes.  I was wondering if you could recommend any foods.  We slowly transitioned him to a highly recommended high end food after adoption but it does not seem to be working that well.  Hope you had a great holiday!  Your work is truly inspiring!


Scott and Bentley






Just wanted to let you know that we love Jake so much! He is spoiled at the house!

Happy Holidays!

Lyne, Selina, Kayra and Wonderful Jake!!!!




Dear BOCAR, 

Ike joined our family in March 2008. He had been surrendered to BOCAR by a breeder that wasn’t able to sell him. When we first met him, Ike didn’t know his name, and had only been on a walk or in a car a handful of times. He was skittish to the point of running from leaves on a windy day.  Now, one year later, Ike is a happy, healthy, playful little guy. He and our rot/lab mix Tazer are best buds and constantly play together. Both turn two years old in 2009. Ike’s exuberant happiness and propensity for snuggling never fail to make us smile. We just can’t imagine our life without him!








Attached is a photo of Chief for your website. Just a recap on his story –A man who purchased a dog, maybe from a breeder was looking for a “tough dog” and when it turned out he got a want to be lap dog, he gave it to his friend. The friend had three small children in an apartment and quickly learned it was not the right combination to take on a high energy 12 month old boxer.  She then called you who in turn called me for a taxi service and foster home. With the holiday Friday night traffic, Thomas (my 16 year old son) and I fell in love with Chief on the way home. Within two week Christmas was here and I decided to gift Chief to Thomas for Christmas. We took the attached photo, framed it, wrapped it and put it under the tree.

Chief knew how to sit, stay, come, wait to enter the house and follow commands quite easily. My intuition tells me his original owner may have been a bit strict, but he has adjusted to our home, knows my voice and the voice of my Son and Boyfriend, so we are able to take him into social environments like we did today without worry. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoy them and Chief!







Here is an update on our boxer boy “Rocky” who we adopted in August 2008. He is starting to fill out and is up to 65 lbs. His coat is nice, shiny and soft, and he loves to be petted. Since he has settled in, his upset tummy issues are subsiding and his Boxer gas has gone away. (Thank God!) Also, he is walking better on the leash, so we guess he just needed boundaries with that.


Rocky and Lola (our girl boxer) are getting along great. We refer to them as the “Two Knuckleheads” because they are so silly together, and we are always laughing at their antics. He loves to go on walks, to the dog park, and especially loves riding in the car. All you have to do is say one of three words and he is jumping for joy and running to the front door!


Rocky is definitely 100% puppy, and sometimes acts like one, but we love him anyway. He is a very sweet guy and is mommies little shadow, always following her around the house, even when she is vacuuming. He is so curious and doesn¹t want to miss a thing!


Thank you for giving us Rocky! We can¹t imagine our lives without him!


Julie & Kevin (and Lola too)

Irvine, CA







I adopted Sargent 3 years ago last August.  I was not ready to have another “man” in my life after losing my last boxer to cancer.  But…I fully believe that Sargent was sent to me to heal my heart and make my days a joy again.  Everyone who sees him responds in much the same way…”Wow, that’s a big dog.”  He IS a big boxer and I love every single inch of him!  He has brought so much happiness to my home and I couldn’t be more grateful for BOCAR for taking him in when his last family could no longer care for him.  Sargent isn’t my whole life, but he absolutely makes my life whole.








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